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Why there’s never been a better time to sell at auction…

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This rather innocuous-looking pottery pig discovered
in a house clearance sold for £3,800 at auction

With the ongoing global financial crisis, those looking to unlock the capital in valuables; whether it be gold, jewellery, works of art, antique furniture or collectables, would be well advised to consider selling at auction.

With the ability to set reserve prices to ensure your items don’t sell for less than you want them to, selling via an established, well-regarded auction house will offer the added benefit of reaching as broad an audience as possible, thus helping to generate strong prices. MD and head auctioneer of Cuttlestones, which has sale rooms in Penkridge, near Stafford and Wolverhampton, explains:

It’s little wonder that people are looking to sell items of value to unlock cash given the present climate, but before selling we’d strongly recommend you visit a well-regarded auction house for a valuation and to discuss whether sale by auction is the best option for you. By using an auction house as opposed to selling direct, you not only get expert advice but benefit from professional marketing to help news of your items reach the most relevant audience; particularly important when items of interest to specialist collectors.

One particularly good example is gold; while there are plenty of companies out there presently offering cash for gold and advertising heavily, you are never going to be offered anything over the item’s scrap value. However, by selling at auction you stand a chance of achieving a better price and the item being appraised not only on its scrap value but its intrinsic value as a piece, whether it be a watch, a piece of jewellery or purely decorative.

At Cuttlestones, we’re committed to keeping our commission rates particularly competitive to help ensure the fairest possible deal for both vendors and purchasers and, with extensive marketing alongside live online bidding at our Fine Art and Specialist Collectors’ Sales, we are able to reach a global audience.”

And the proof is in the pudding; a fairly innocuous-looking pottery pig discovered in a dresser draw during a house clearance was identified by Cuttlestones as a rare Anna Pottery bourbon flask which, originating in the US and dating from the Civil War, is a highly collectable commodity. The lot eventually sold to an online American bidder for £3,800.

A few other examples from Cuttlestones’ vast back-catalogue of items that have realised their true potential at auction include a Vizagapatam Anglo-Indian ivory and horn games box that achieved an impressive £6,500; an Elizabethan bible that achieved £5,800, an 18th century specimen table that realised £5,800 and a collection of 24 silver babies’ rattles which sold for over £5,000.

To find out more about Cuttlestones’ services, which include house clearances, sale by private treaty, country house sales and specialist sales in addition to regular Fine Art, Specialist Collectors and household sales, or to arrange a free, no-obligation valuation, visit or call 01785 714905.

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