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Local auction house sees box of empty Nintendo game boxes sell for £200!

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You’d be forgiven for thinking of old paintings, antique furniture and collectable jewellery when it comes to selling items at auction – but Staffordshire auction house Cuttlestones has once again proved that quirky and modern-day collectables have a strong market. Just a couple of weeks ago, a box full of empty Nintendo game boxes hailing from a local house clearance saw the hammer fall at an impressive £200!
The online buyer travelled down from Newcastle-upon-Tyne to collect their purchase, but the lot had generated international interest thanks to the auction’s online sales platform. Auctioneer, Dave Eglington, says:
“This once again proves that a traditional auction house can yield the best results for those looking to sell gaming items. We’re used to seeing games consoles and games of all eras commanding decent sums – but even we were somewhat taken aback by the interest in these empty game boxes! Live online bidding and extensive promotion means that we can reach truly niche audiences on the lookout for items that others may see as being of little value, without the vendor having to deal with the hassle of negotiations or shipping.” 
And games aren’t the only ‘modern’ collectables the auction house gets strong interest in – comics, graphic novels, movie and sporting memorabilia, music in pre-digital formats (CD, vinyl, tape etc) and quality audio systems that play them; vintage toys and clothing all perform strongly in the auction room alongside ‘traditional’ collectables like stamps, postcards and coins. Dave says:
“If you have an old games console and a collection of games gathering dust in the loft, you could be sitting on a small fortune – there are collectors out there who would love to get their hands on them so it’s worth getting in touch. We now have specialist collectors’ sections in all of our fortnightly sales providing a great platform to sell this type of lot.”
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