Worth (more than) its weight in gold?

Worth (more than) its weight in gold?

Thursday, 23 April, 2020

If, during lockdown, you’ve been going through your jewellery box and drawers and come across some gold and silver items don’t be tempted to cash them in through a ‘cash for gold’ scheme – you could get a lot less than their true value!

Whether the ‘treasure’ you’ve uncovered takes the form of an old piece of jewellery inherited from a Great Aunt that you realise you’re never going to wear or some gold coins you’ve been sitting on for a while, with the price of gold peaking at an astonishing £16.07 per gram just for 9 carat gold, now could be the time to get them valued and consigned for auction as soon as the lockdown is lifted.

By selling at auction you stand a chance of achieving a better price for a piece based on its intrinsic value as a piece as opposed to just its ‘scrap value’. For example,  a 1930s gold bracelet with strong art deco styling or a gold coin that is particularly rare will be of far greater interest to the collecting community therefore stand a chance of selling for way above its scrap value (it’s weight value would be the ‘baseline’ you could expect to achieve). Our team of specialist valuers includes jewellery, coin and watch experts and right now we’re offering remote valuations via email or WhatsApp – all you need to do it send some clear photos of the item(s) you’re interested in selling and we’ll provide a valuation of its auction value with no obligation.
You can then decide whether you want to place the items in one of our sales once restrictions are lifted and unlock their true value.

And the proof is in the pudding - items passing through the saleroom regularly achieve exceptional prices. Examples include a Diamond Art Deco style cocktail bracelet of approx 21.8 grams
that sold for £8,000 and a certified large diamond nine-stone cluster ring that achieved £8,500, while a couple of years ago a pair of rare gold coins – a 1656 GOLD BROAD OF TWENTY SHILLINGS dating from the Cromwellian period and a CHARLES II 1662 GOLD BROAD OF TWENTY SHILLINGS saw the hammer fall at £22,000 and £11,000 respectively.

To find out whether you could be sitting on a small fortune, email photos to: valuations@cuttlestones.co.uk or WhatsApp to 07949 603872.

*At time of writing – April 2020


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